Research and Development

INF Technology Research and Development (INF-TRnD) conducts cutting-edge research in the field of communications and information technologies along with cyber-physical systems. Researchers at INF-TRnD contribute to scientific society with their fundamental and applied studies. INF-TRnD has been taking leadership roles in both developing and improving the standards for commercialized and open source technologies. Outcomes of these research efforts and activities are published in highly respected journals and magazines.

Currently, INF-TRnD carries out research in the following fields:

  • Green communications and next generation wireless networks
  • Infotainment applications
  • Cyber-physical and embedded systems
  • Advanced signal processing algorithms and architectures
  • Digital baseband transceiver design
  • Tele–health systems and applications
  • Remote monitoring sensors and network systems
  • Visible light communications systems
  • Acoustic communications
  • Underwater communications system
  • Cloud–based services, implementations, and cloud computing